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We Are Real and We Have Struggles

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When we started this page we weren’t thinking it was going to be all about oils all the time. We had planned on it being about our family and sticking the oils in to help educate others. And as we looked back, most of the posts are about just oils. But we just love to talk about them and help others!

At the same time when we look at it, we are thrilled that we are helping to educate and inform people about Young Living.

We are real people. We have real struggles. We have everyday struggles big and small. We have real relationships that affect things in our lives. We have had tragedy and heartache.

We have some mental health things in our home. Amy has Bipolar Disorder. Our oldest son has the same. Mental health has such a stigma and a lot of people don’t seek help and end up self medicating with the wrong things.

We have known that our oldest was a self medicator since he was around 13 years old. We always knew his preference was alcohol. Still this weekend we realized how bad it really is.

So when you get into these situations, so when you are dealing with these struggles and these heartaches, what do you do?

For us we turn to God. We hand things over to Him. We pray, we give thanks, we have faith, we trust, and we just know that He will give us a peace no matter what takes place. We remember: A.S.A.P. & P.U.S.H.



What about you and your family? What do you do when dealing with things you wish you were not having to?



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