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Diffuser Options

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Whether you are just getting started with Young Living essential oils or you are an old pro at them sometimes having a reminder about things is helpful.

Young Living offers a great variety for diffusers. I don’t know about you but in our household we love to diffuse! Burn something, diffuse. Going to bed, diffuse. Want to spend time in The Word, diffuse. Want to have an at home party for anything, diffuse. Just want to smell some amazing oils, diffuse. The reasons to diffuse are endless! There is never a wrong reason to diffuse!

Of course there are a lot to choose from. We have our favorites here and we can’t wait to try more of them. On our way to and from Disney World, we tried the USB one. It worked fabulous! We have the Home diffuser in the house and move it and use it all over (which is one reason I am so excited for this months ER order; 2nd home diffuser!).

diffuser comparison chart.indd diffuser comparison chart.indd

We use the Home diffuser all the time. Love the USB diffuser for the car but really would love to get the Orb Diffuser to try in the car, or even for the children’s room! I would also like to get the Travel Fan Diffuser for hotel rooms. And the TheraPro Premium Diffuser.

And the best thing they now have two diffuser that are made for children. They have the Dino Land Diffuser and the Dolphin Reef Diffuser. They are seriously cute!

Do you have a favorite diffuser that you use at home? How do you use yours? I would love to hear a way that I haven’t thought of yet!


Don’t forget October 5th-19th we are doing a giveaway! Make sure to register!

Giveaway October 2015


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