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Last Week Was Rough

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While I wish I was able to say that bad things done happen, that isn’t the world we live in.

Life was never promised to be easy or fair. We are fallen people. It seems though that some families get more than their share of the hardships. I wish I could say that my friend was healed the way I had prayed for but it isn’t the case. She was healed and for that I praise but she was healed by being called home to be with Him!

It has been almost 9 years since I met this amazing man I get to call my husband. This man came with some baggage though. The baggage was a group of men and their wives (best baggage in the world!). He has gone to school with all of these guys and through the years their friendship never faded. It really was an amazing thing to see and to be welcomed into.

Last week I went to say, “See you later” to a friend who was a part of this group. It certainly wasn’t easy. It was heartbreaking, for me. When I came home my amazing daughter said to us,

“Mrs. xxx is so lucky and she is going to be so happy to be with Jesus and Mr. xxx but she is going to be so sad to leave her children. Thankfully she will see them again though.”

Mrs. xxx taught me a lot in the short time I knew her. I could not even imagine what those who have known her even longer were lucky enough to learn!

She was amazing in her fight. She never complained. She never got bitter. She was never a person who had a poor me attitude. She would look at others who were suffering and struggling and say things about how lucky she was to have the support of friends and family in her life. Her faith in the Lord was unsurpassable! I have truly never met anyone who believed the way she did. She knew no matter what happened He was with her, He was with her children, He was her ROCK! There was such a peace around her and her loved ones. His essence was present, the Holy Spirit was wrapping His arms around each and every one of them. It was a peace that was hard for anyone to understand.

I am struggling with her passing. It makes me angry. God gave that family a peace though and who knows if I would have the same peace if I was in the same situation. Since I am not, God and I have had a few words here and there this past week. But it really hit me on Sunday when talking to a friend that I am on the outside. They were at peace with the situation. It doesn’t mean they are not sad, it doesn’t mean they don’t hurt, it doesn’t mean they won’t miss her, it doesn’t mean they will forget her, but it does mean God was and is with them and they felt Him and they believe in Him and they trust Him! So while I am on the outside and do not understand it, and it makes me angry here and there, I was not and am not in their shoes.

So last week was a very rough week but the things I have been taught by this family are things I will carry with me forever. I am forever blessed to have known Mrs. and Mr. xxx and I am truly blessed that she taught me what God being her ROCK was about!








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