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Sometimes There is Sadness

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Sometimes things happen that make us sad. We have had a rough week in this house. It was the first week of school. A friends father passed on to be with Jesus. Grandma is getting ready for surgery (not scheduled yet) and that is scary for the family. We had a couple lost pets (all have come home and are okay). There has been lack of sleep, which adds to everything! And last night we were informed that another friend has moved into hospice stage. Another friend found out that a good friend of hers has cancer.

Last night and this morning I have had such a heavy heart. Living in this world can be hard. We have never been promised easy. We have never been promised simple. All we have been promised is that if we accept Jesus, we are His and He will be with us through everything!

It doesn’t take away what I feel. There is sadness. I am trying to see the joy and rejoice that soon these loved ones will actually get to see Him and the happiness and the open arms and hugs and love and comfort. While I know it is the same for us if we allow it here on earth but to actually lay my eyes on the Lord, for them to actually see Him! Still when I think of these people, there is sadness.

I then opened up BibleGateway this morning and this is the verse of the day:

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

Philippians 4:4NIV

It is okay for our family to have sadness but we also need to rejoice in the Lord! We were created to have emotions! Jesus came to earth and He also had emotions, but He always rejoiced in the Lord.

There are times though when I need a little pick me up! This morning is one of those mornings. So my day started with putting some Young Living Joy Essential Oil over my heart and some Young Living Orange Essential Oil on a cotton ball in front of me.

It has helped pick me up some. It has made me focus on the here and now. It has helped me smile and know this is going to be okay. It has helped me today when I needed it since there was so much sadness.

It is okay to be sad, I know this. Yet I want to focus on rejoicing in the Lord.

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