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ZYTO Compass Scan

YLEO spOILed logoSo I have had a lot of questions about what a ZYTO scan really is. I have tried to explain it but unless you actually see it most people still sit there and just look at me like I am kind of confusing them. Which to be honest I probably am talking in circles and not making much sense to them.

So I have created this short video that shows you an actual scan being done. I did not record it all the way to when the individual report would be shown but you do see a clip of a sample report in the video.

I personally believe it is really important to incorporate the ZYTO scan into your Young Living Lifestyle monthly. Your body changes on a regular basis. It depends upon your stress level, your exercise level, what you are putting into your body and your overall lifestyle. While you can have a general idea of what oils you would like to use and want to use for certain things there could very well be underlying issues that you didn’t realize were affecting you.

Just an example would be my youngest son is really affected at night by growing. His legs and feet have a lot of pain and it wakes him up. I had been using Young Living Peppermint essential oil to help prior to him going to bed but he was still waking up. After doing a scan it recommended trying Young Living Ortho Sport and so we got some. Within a weeks time of adding the suggestion he wasn’t waking up every night in pain! It was a miracle for us.

While there is a fee for using the scan there are ways around it. If you are local to us, are a member of our team and have enrolled in Essential Rewards ~ you get a free scan for everyone in your immediate family monthly! If you are local to us and sign up with the Premium Starter Kit, you will get a free scan when you enroll (if you are not local but we ever meet you will get a free scan)!

If you have any questions please contact us!


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