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No More Stinky Feet

Have you ever had someone in your home that has stinky feet and then stinky shoes? Well let me tell you I have had them and it is awful!

Prior to me using Young Living Essential Oils my son’s feet and shoes were not able to be tolerated by anyone in the house. His room was in the basement and even with the door closed from the kitchen to the downstairs I could not handle the stench. I would open the door to go downstairs to do laundry and I would want to get sick.

This isn’t a joke! It was awful. My son’s feet and shoes made me want to be sick.

So I got to the point that he wasn’t allowed to bring his shoes into the house. I really didn’t have many options with his feet, unfortunately! His feet were attached to his body so they had to come in the house.

We tried everything under the sun to get rid of his stench. He would soak his feet in bleach, soak his feet in black tea, put lemon on his feet, diet change, changing socks more than once a day, and so many more thing it would make your head spin.

Then when we started to use Young Living it really never even occurred to me to try any of them. Until he walked by one day and I had Young Living Purification Essential Oil in my hand. A light bulb went off!

I made him sit down and I had him put Young Living Purification on his feet (2 drops each foot). I also put a couple of drops in each of his shoes. Then the last thing I did was too a cotton ball, cut it in half and put a couple drops on it and dropped it into the shoes!

I started making him put 1 to 2 drops on each foot morning and night and we continued to put the cotton balls into his shoes when they were not used.

About a week after we started to do this I could not tell when he walked into a room! I mean seriously it used to be I could tell when he was in the house, upstairs, downstairs and definitely when he walked into the same room I was in!

It has been about a year in a half since he started using it and he can now keep his shoes in the house and we are not dying. We don’t even know they are there, unless I trip over them.

This has been the best thing we have used to get rid of the stinky feet and shoes! We are truly blessed that God placed this in our lives, it has allowed our son to be able to live and not kill all of us with his stink! šŸ˜‰

Stinky Shoes

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