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No More Wasting Young Living Essential Oil

For a long time I thought that big hole in the center of the Young Living bottle was the oil hole. But no matter how much I watched for that drop to come out of that hole I never saw it! It always seemed to fall from the small ring that was around the outside of the center hole!

Then one day I was using Young Living Oregano Essential Oil and it is such a thick oil that it was taking forever to come out! So I started to turn the bottle in circles in my hand thinking that it might help it come out faster or at all!

After I finally got it out and into the capsule (the ONLY essential oil I would EVER ingest is Young Living Essential Oils and ONLY the ones that say it is okay to do) I put the bottle down and waited for the thick oil to go back into the bottle.

I examined the bottle closely to try to figure it out and guess what I found?! It was a tiny pin hole on the outside ring. So I grabbed another bottle of oil and found it had that as well. And another and it had it as well. So then I took a thin oils (Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil) and found that pin hole, put my hand in front of my face so I could see the pin hole clearly and realized that the essential oil was actually coming out of that tiny pin hole!

So no more wasting Young Living Essential Oil! When a new bottle arrives at your door (it always feels like Christmas to me!) open the box and follow this:

  1. Pick out the oils that are not extras
  2. Open each oil; one at a time
  3. Find the oil hole (pin hole on outside ring)
  4. Mark on the bottle where the oil hole is
  5. Always look for mark on outside of bottle and have that facing down when getting a drop of oil

Do this each time you open a new oil and you will not ever have to worry about wasting any of those precious Young Living Essential Oils Drops!

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